Good Sports

Good Sports is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for youth to lead healthy active lifestyles through sports.

To accomplish this, Good Sports partners with sporting goods manufacturers to donate new sports equipment to community groups in need. The organization strongly believes that sports are a key to the healthy development of young people with both physical and social benefits.

With the current economic reality, children are being offered fewer athletic options, participation fees are being increased, and players are expected to provide their own equipment and uniforms. Couple that with a childhood obesity epidemic that is also hitting disadvantaged areas at a higher rate and we have a very real issue—an issue Good Sports is working to alleviate head on by making sure opportunities will always exist and getting the youth off the couch, off the street and in the game. Let’s work together to stop this harmful trend and help this worthy cause!

UPPAbaby is proud to sponsor Good Sports and acknowledges their commitment to a healthy and active youth lifestyle. If you too wish to contribute, please visit,


Just last year 3,500 Massachusetts families were homeless. One Family is a non-profit organization determined to end homelessness in Massachusetts. Through their partnership with elected officials, community leaders, businesses and higher learning institutions, they strive to break the cycle of poverty and consider everyone as “one family” facing these challenging economic times together.

The One Family Scholars Program is a college scholarship program offered to low-income single parents. This scholarship gives them the opportunity to gain a higher education through not only funding assistance, but they follow a model comprised of four building blocks for success: college success, financial success, career success and leadership success. These learning blocks secure self-sufficiency, sustainability in their field which in turn creates a stable foundation for life and their families.

At UPPAbaby we’re passionate about empowering woman and giving them the fundamentals to excel in their career and their wellbeing. Just this past winter, our Marketing Director, Melissa H., attended a benefit dinner to honor the woman of One Family. Through the support of this scholarship, woman can gain an education providing them with stability and the competence to support their family. If you would like to help this worthy cause please visit for more information. To donate to the One Family Scholars Program, please visit To get in contact with One Family for other ways to contribute, please visit