How do I close my CRUZ stroller?

NOTE: When folding frame with seat attached, seat must be in forward facing and second position.

WARNING: Children and adults should be clear of moving parts while making stroller adjustments. Damage to fingers or extremities may occur when opening or closing the stroller frame. Please consult your CRUZ Manual for detailed photos and instructions.

STEP 1: Activate the brake to prevent stroller from rolling forward while folding.

STEP 2: Engage the button on top of handlebar and extend to highest position.

STEP 3: Place index fingers on both slide release triggers and slide upward until frame begins to fold.

STEP 4: Once stroller begins to fold, hold handle bar with right hand and reposition left hand onto back leg.

STEP 5 Continue to fold stroller until latch on left side has engaged. Stroller will stand when folded.

If you still have trouble, please call our customer service department at (781) 413-3030 and we will talk you through it!

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