How do I fold my VISTA stroller?

Before you begin, make sure you tilt the cupholder or it could get damaged when folding.

NOTE: When folding frame with seat attached, seat must be in forward facing and upright position. 

WARNING: Children and adults should be clear of moving parts while making stroller adjustments. Damage to fingers or extremities may occur when opening or closing the stroller frame. 

STEP 1: Activate the brake to prevent stroller from rolling forward while folding.

STEP 2: Place telescoping handle bar in lowest position.

STEP 3: Simultaneously push and hold black plastic tab on left side of stroller in with your left thumb and squeeze the handle height adjustment button with your right hand.

STEP 4: Holding both buttons, push handle bar all the way in firmly until black indication line meets top of plastic collar on right side of handle bar, then push down. You can now release both buttons.

STEP 5: Continue to collapse until locking mechanism engages on right side of stroller. Stroller will stand when folded.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this helpful video:

If you still have trouble, please call our customer service department at (781) 413-3030 and we will talk you through it! Please consult your VISTA Manual for detailed photos and instructions.

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