What about travelling with my CRUZ stroller?

The CRUZ stroller can be easily folded and placed into your vehicle’s trunk. And if you need to pack your stroller for air travel, we recommend the CRUZ TravelBag (sold separately). The TravelBag is made of durable luggage-grade nylon and is designed to fit very snugly around your stroller to provide better protection. The TravelBag also has attached wheels for easy rolling.

Packing the CRUZ stroller into the TravelBag is simple and easy:

1. Release adjustable closure strap and pull out of plastic loop. Feed through fabric loop and fasten back to itself.

2. Unroll and unzip TravelBag, laying the bag out flat with flap open.

3. IMPORTANT: Rotate yellow support panels at base and attach to adjustable closure on sidewalls of TravelBag.

4. Fold CRUZ stroller with toddler seat facing forward in second-most upright position. Fold seat footrest to a 90-degree angle.

5. Remove rear wheels. Face wheel posts towards each other and stack so that posts poke through each wheel spoke. Slide into wheel storage bag and fasten top adjustable closure flap.

6. Place stroller into TravelBag with seat facing upward and handle bar positioned towards top of bag.


7. Place wheel storage bag on top of stroller seat and attach to safety strap of TravelBag. Zip TravelBag closed.

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