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G-Series FAQs

Where can I find information about the discontinued 2014 G-LUXE?

For more information on the 2014 G-LUXE please click here.

Where can I find the Serial Number on my G-LUXE or G-LiTE?

The Serial Number, with barcode, is located on a sticker on the lower left of the stroller frame.

Where can I find information about the discontinued 2014 G-LITE?

For more information on the 2014 G-LITE please click here.

How do I open and close the G-LUXE/G-LiTE?

Opening the stroller: First, tilt the stroller back on its rear wheels. Unhook the latch found on the left side of the stroller and allow the front wheels to fall forward. It is very important to use your upper arm strength and pull up on the handlebars while your foot is resting on the foot pedal. (Just pressing on the foot pedal will not do the trick.)

Before you place your child in the seat please make certain that the small rectangular silver tabs pop out of the lower part of the frame to ensure that the stroller will remain locked in the open position.

Closing the stroller: To fold the stroller, engage the gray button plastic collar found below the right handle. Once engaged, simultaneously use your middle fingers to pull the grey triggers towards you releasing the lock system. Pull up the front wheels towards the handlebar and into a standing position. Ensure the latch locks into place. The stroller will conveniently stand upright. (Note: Do not push the handlebar forward to close as this may bend the stand.)

What colors are available for the G-LUXE and G-LiTE?

The G-LUXE is available in: Denny (red), Ani (orange), Makena (magenta), Sebby (teal) – on a silver frame.

New for 2013, the Jake (black) is updated on a black frame
The G-LiTE is available in: Denny (red), Ella (Jade), Jake (black) on a silver frame.

What are the age and weight limits for the G-LUXE and G-LiTE strollers?

The G-LUXE stroller is suitable for babies from three months up to 55 lbs

The G-LiTE stroller is suitable for babies from six months up to 55 lbs The reason that the suitable age for the G-LUXE is younger than the G-LiTE is because the G-LUXE can recline to accommodate a baby who cannot yet sit up on his own.

What is the difference between the G-LUXE and G-LiTE? 

The main difference between the G-LUXE and G-LiTE is that the G-LUXE has a reclining seat (ranging from 100 degrees upright to 130 degrees recline) and an adjustable footrest. The G-LiTE is a more compact and lightweight stroller. The G-LUXE is one of the lightest full-size umbrella strollers with recline.

What are the G-LUXE and G-LiTE weights and dimensions?

Unfolded: 20”W x 42.5”H x 33”L
Folded: 12”W x 42.5”H x 8”L
True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket): 11 lbs
Box dimensions (shipping box):

Unfolded: 19.5”W x 42”H x 32”L
Folded: 11.5”W x 42”H x 7.5”L
True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket): 8.8 lbs
Box dimensions (shipping box):

What is the best way to care for my UPPAbaby stroller?

Sand and debris can get caught in the joints and contribute to stroller malfunction. Please give your stroller some love periodically by applying BuggyLOVE’s WheelLOVE on the joints and wheel axle. This will help with your stroller’s performance and life span.

What about travelling with my G-LUXE and G-LiTE stroller?

The G-Series stroller can be easily folded and placed into your vehicle’s trunk. And if you need to pack your stroller for air travel, we recommend the G-Series TravelBag (sold separately). The TravelBag (44”WX14”HX8”L) is made of durable luggage-grade denier and has multiple handles so it can be carried over hip or shoulder

What if my stroller is damaged during air travel?

By simply registering this TravelBag online, any damage caused to your stroller during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby. This program is offered only with the new TravelBag. Program benefits are contingent upon your stroller being under its original two-year warranty. You must register your stroller and travel bag online here prior to your departure. If you fail to register your stroller, a proof of purchase must be provided in order to make a claim. UPPAbaby cannot replace a stroller if lost by the airline.

Are there other accessories available for my G-Series stroller?

You can enhance your stroller with a number of add-on accessories. Click here to see the G-Series accessories that are available.