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Here at UPPAbaby, we are doing our best to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as a company. Connections, relationships, and supporting our stores and customers are more important than ever. To read more about what UPPAbaby Headquarters is doing to help during this global health crisis, click here.

To support a local retailer near you, please use our retailer locator below to find an Authorized UPPAbaby retailer. UPPAbaby is committed to providing high-quality products and an unparalleled customer experience. To ensure a premium UPPAbaby experience, it is important to always purchase UPPAbaby products through an authorized retailer.

UPPAbaby cannot be responsible for the authenticity or quality of products being promoted or sold using our brand name at unauthorized retailers. Any such advertising and promoting of products under the UPPAbaby brand is a violation of our intellectual property and is damaging to our brand, our authorized retailers, and our customers.

If you purchase an “UPPAbaby product” from an unauthorized retailer, the UPPAbaby warranty will not apply, and we cannot offer our unparalleled Customer Experience team to support such products.

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