Product Safety Test Reports

UPPAbaby is committed to providing consumers with the best products and user experiences, and we take the safety of children very seriously. As a responsible global brand, we conduct extensive testing to ensure that all UPPAbaby products meet industry and regulatory standards in every market in which we operate. Before being placed on the market, our VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2 pushchairs, were subjected to rigorous safety testing by an independent accredited laboratory, and were found to be safe, complying in full with all of the requirements of the appropriate European Standard. As part of our ongoing commitment to best in class quality control, UPPAbaby engaged in additional safety tests to further confirm that our products continue to meet our rigorous standards. These subsequent tests have continued to confirm those original results.

We are extremely confident about the safety of our products and would not allow them to be sold were that to be otherwise. We are committed to truth and transparency and, as such, we are happy to share our test reports and supporting data showing that our products pass industry standards and regulations. They can be found below.

Recent reviews published by Which? on the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and the VISTA V2 as a single stroller, travel system and as a double/twin, compared to their reviews on earlier models, are for us very disappointing. From the limited information that Which? has provided to us, it is apparent that they have based some of their results on test methods that we believe are inconsistent with the current pushchair standard and that this evidence demonstrates the reviews are simply wrong.

As stated above, prior to launch, our CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2 in all marketed configurations, were tested by an independent accredited laboratory and complied in full with the appropriate standards. Subsequent tests we commissioned on the notification of Which?’s purported findings and from the same batch tested by Which?, have confirmed those original results.

In relation to the safety of the buckle used on the VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2, an independent expert confirmed that it remained reliable even under twice the load required by the European Standard and for five times the duration required, prompting the following comment in the test report:

‘’It is inconceivable that these or any identical harness tested would fail EN1888 were the test to be carried out in accordance with the standard’’

Which? refused to provide testing reports or to disclose their full testing methods. They also refused to provide us with the name, or evidence of the independence and accreditation, of the test agency used. We have repeatedly expressed our desire to work with Which? to serve the public interest by investigating their purported findings . While we immediately provided all our results to Which?, they refused to provide UPPAbaby with sufficient supporting evidence which would allow us to address their concerns. The information that Which? did share, including limited video clips and contradictory statements about their test methods, revealed testing methods that we believe do not follow the standard and showed the use of the VISTA V2 in ways explicitly forbidden in our manuals and warnings.

We have sought to work with Which? to determine how its testing has gone wrong, but our offers have been rebuffed. We are now considering with our lawyers what action to take to ensure that the public do not continue to be misled by the Which? reviews.

UPPAbaby’s promise to our customers is to provide safe, high quality products to parents and their children. and to that end, we remain confident in the safety of our products.


SGS Test Report_VISTA V2 Harness

CRUZ AND VISTA V2 Harness Testing Report by CPSA