November 15, 2023

Black Friday Shopping With UPPAbaby: Unlocking Exceptional Deals
by UPPAbaby
  • A woman pushing her children in an UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Black Friday is almost here, and the excitement of snagging those perfect deals can be exhilarating. We understand the thrill of deal hunting all too well! While it’s important to invest in the highest quality gear for your child, we also know that every little bit can help when it comes to holiday savings. As the festive season gets closer, the joy of gifting gets bigger. So, this year, we’re excited to offer you the best of both worlds with our best-selling blue!


UPPAbaby’s Black Friday Highlights

A woman pushing her child in an UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re rolling out an impressive 20% savings on select UPPAbaby Gregory Blue Mélange products. These handpicked products are not just investments in quality but a commitment to a growing family’s evolving needs. So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to experience the best deals on select UPPAbaby products this Black Friday! Here’s a spotlight on some you might not want to pass up:


UPPAbaby Vista V2 Full-Size Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Full Size Stroller | Gregory | Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle LeatherUPPAbaby Vista V2 Full Size Stroller | Gregory | Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather

A game-changer for new parents, this stroller effortlessly transitions from a single to a double, seamlessly growing as your family does, too. Our Black Friday deal on the UPPAbaby Vista V2 brings a chance to embrace these expansion options. Imagine the smooth ease of navigating through city buzz with your first child or neighborhood strolls with up to three! Such flexibility ensures that as your family expands, your Vista V2 effortlessly adapts, delivering heartwarming moments with every ride. 


UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Full-Size Stroller

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Full Size Stroller | Gregory | Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle LeatherUPPAbaby Cruz V2 Full Size Stroller | Gregory | Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather | Folded

With accolades like “Best of Baby” from The Bump and “Best for Baby” by Parents, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 effortlessly blends style with convenience. Its compact footprint is perfect for both bustling city streets, long travel days, and tranquil countryside paths.


UPPAbaby Mesa V2 and Mesa Max Infant Car Seat

The perfect pairings to your Vista V2 or Cruz V2 strollers, our Mesa V2 and Mesa Max Infant Car Seats offer innovative, intuitive features that allow you to travel with confidence and security. 

Offered in both the Mesa V2 and Mesa Max, the Gregory fashion is a part of our PureTech™ collection of fabrics. Our PureTech collection is made up of hypoallergenic, merino wool fabrics, naturally eliminating the need for additional treatment — keeping your baby safe in the purest form. Learn more about our CleanTech Collection of fabrics here

Both of our infant car seats meet or exceed the government safety standards, so choosing the one that is the best fit for your family comes down to personal preference! The Mesa Max offers a handful of additional features like the load leg for stability and energy absorption, while the Mesa V2 is the second generation of our fan-favorite Mesa.


UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat

UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat | Gregory | PureTech™ | Blue Méange | Merino WoolUPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat | Gregory | PureTech™ | Blue Méange | Merino Wool

The UPPAbaby Knox car seat, with its sleek and innovative design, stands as a testament to safety and style. A standout member of the PureTech collection, the Gregory variant offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Its superior safety features and comfortable design make it an ideal choice for parents seeking the utmost protection and comfort for their little ones during car journeys. With the UPPAbaby Knox Gregory, you can trust that your child’s safety is in good hands, without compromising on elegance and sophistication.


Accessorize in Style: UPPAbaby Changing Backpack, CozyGanoosh, and CozyHandmuffs

UPPAbaby Changing Backpack | Gregory | Blue Mélange | Saddle LeatherUPPAbaby CozyGanoosh | Gregory | Blue MélangeUPPAbaby CozyHandmuffs | Gregory | Blue Mélange

For the parents who love to accessorize, Black Friday isn’t just about big-ticket items; it’s the perfect opportunity to elevate every aspect of your parenting journey. And when it comes to stylish and functional accessories, UPPAbaby’s Gregory fashion line stands out with it’s beautiful blue mélange. This Black Friday, indulge in a large savings across select Gregory fashion accessories.

Imagine organizing baby essentials in the chic UPPAbaby Changing Backpack, wrapping your little one in the snug embrace of the CozyGanoosh, or keeping your hands warm on chilly morning strolls with the innovative CozyHandmuffs. Each product is a blend of style, convenience, and the signature UPPAbaby quality you’ve come to trust. So, while you’re seeking the best for your family’s travels, remember to add a touch of Gregory fashion flair. 

Black Friday is more than just shopping; it’s about making thoughtful decisions that add value to your family’s life. At UPPAbaby, we believe in fostering a community that supports every parent’s journey. By offering these deals, we hope to be a part of more families’ adventures, ensuring safety, comfort, and style every step of the way.  


Where to Grab These Deals

A woman comforting her child in an UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller with an UPPAbaby Mesa Max configuration | Gregory | Blue Mélange.

As the end of November approaches, the anticipation of finding the best Black Friday deals on our UPPAbaby products grows. Whether you are a digital enthusiast who enjoys shopping on our website from the comfort of your home or savors the experience of in-person shopping, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Hub Service Centers in Boston, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, and Toronto are ready to welcome you with open arms. Our extensive network of authorized retail locations are also stocked with an array of UPPAbaby products, ensuring you find that perfect fit for your family. Whether you make a first-time purchase, gift, or plan an upgrade, this Black Friday promises more than just shopping.


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