January 23, 2024

Introducing Our Latest In-Home Product: the UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 Bouncer and Seat
by UPPAbaby
  • A candid moment with a baby smiling joyfully in the UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer placed on a living room rug, surrounded by relaxed parents engaging with the child, highlighting the bouncer's use in a family setting.

Get ready for a groundbreaking addition to your family’s home: in February 2024, we’ll be elevating our In-Home category with the introduction of the UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer.

Whether you’re creating your first baby registry, or on the hunt for functional gear, our new Mira Bouncer and Seat will be a welcomed addition for infants and toddlers alike. Reflecting the very essence and values that every UPPAbaby product embodies, this bouncer promises more than just utility. Drawing from our long-standing tradition of creating products that resonate with real parenting challenges, the Mira Bouncer is set to redefine baby relaxation and comfort.


UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer: Safety, Design, and Convenience

UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer | Stella | Grey Mélange | Silver Chrome | Maple Wood.UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer | Charlie | Sand Mélange | Black Chrome | Walnut Wood.UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer | Wells | Dark Taupe Mélange | Black Chrome | Walnut Wood.

Safe Place for Baby

The UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer is engineered with your baby’s well-being as the top priority. With GREENGUARD® Gold, JPMA, and FSC® certifications, it meets the highest standards for safety and sustainability. Designed for real-world spills and messes, the Mira’s machine-washable fabrics make clean-up a breeze. By choosing Mira, you’re not just giving your child a safe place to rest and play; you’re investing in an eco-friendly future for them to enjoy.

Parent-Friendly Design 

We’ve tailored the Mira Bouncer to align with the realities of parenthood. The easily accessible, parent-facing recline adjustment allows for three convenient positions for infant, comfort, and play, ensuring your baby’s comfort at all times. The bouncer’s unique design allows for effortless adjustment without removing your baby, providing continuous comfort, which sets the Mira Bouncer apart from other products. It’s the thoughtful, intuitive design that lets you and your bouncer adapt together as your child grows.

Comfort Meets Convenience 

The UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer is the embodiment of convenience, matching the pace of modern family life. It folds flat effortlessly and comes with its own storage bag, making it the ideal travel companion for any outing. Whether you’re visiting grandparents or enjoying a family vacation, the Mira Bouncer provides a consistent, comforting space for your baby. Its integrated carry handle also makes room-to-room transitions within your home as simple as they are on the road. We understand that life doesn’t slow down with a new addition to the family, so we’ve designed the Mira Bouncer to keep up with you every step of the way.

Included Cozy Seat Liner

UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer | Wells | Dark Taupe Mélange | Black Chrome | Walnut Wood | Included Cozy Seat LinerUPPAbaby Mira Bouncer | Wells | Dark Taupe Mélange | Black Chrome | Walnut Wood | Included Cozy Seat Liner

The included Cozy Seat Liner adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort during the cooler months for baby, and offers a soft, cozy place for those first few weeks of newborn snuggles.  

Dual Comfort Seat with Breathable Mesh

The reversible fabrics provide extended use, with added breathability and ventilation for all seasons. Plus, the adjustable padded harness keeps baby safely snug.  


Growing With Your Little One

A baby lies comfortably in the UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer on a home rug, with a parent gently adjusting the seat angle, illustrating the bouncer’s ease of use and adjustable functionality.

Every parent cherishes the fleeting moments of their child’s infancy and wishes for baby products that could somehow keep pace with their rapid growth. That’s where the Mira Bouncer comes in. Beginning as a bouncer suitable from birth (8–20 lbs), it transitions effortlessly into a toddler chair when used in the highest position that supports up to 29 lbs. By simply removing and flipping the fabric on the frame, parents can ensure that their child always has a comfortable and familiar seat, regardless of their age. With Mira, you’re investing in a product that evolves with your child, mirroring their stages of growth and development.


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An UPPAbaby Mira Bouncer positioned on an outdoor wooden deck next to a cozy sofa where two parents are sitting and conversing, with their baby nearby in the bouncer, enjoying the outdoors.

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