September 7, 2023

Rediscovering Adventure with the UPPAbaby Ridge® Stroller
by UPPAbaby
  • A mother and father adventuring with their little one in an UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.

As parents, we all strive to experience the world with the same fresh wonder that our children naturally possess. In the company of our little one, every joyful race in the park, every curious animal on a nature trail, and every mesmerizing city light can become a profound adventure.

The UPPAbaby Ridge® Stroller is more than just a jogger; it’s there to be your sidekick on these adventures. Imagine a sunlit morning, jogging on a serene trail, with your child comfortably absorbing the world around them. With its versatility, the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller effortlessly transitions from bustling city streets to peaceful nature trails. With UPPAbaby, it’s not merely about movement; it’s about creating cherished, shared memories. Every stride, every laugh, every exploration – we’re with you every step of the way.


Stepping Beyond Boundaries with the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller


Happy parents adventuring with her little one with an UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


Active parenthood is a thrilling, ever-evolving journey, with each day offering a fresh experience, a new story, or a spontaneous adventure. Whether chasing after a toddler in a sunny park or briskly navigating urban sidewalks, you deserve a trusty sidekick as dynamic and adaptable as you are. 

The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller isn’t just about the innovative features; it’s also about the stories they help to create. Visualize cruising smoothly over nature trails, your child snug and secure, while the Ridge stroller handles the uneven terrain effortlessly. 

Discover how the Ridge aligns with the rest of our lineup through its notable features, specifically designed for parents who are always on the move:


Compact Fold & Self-Standing

An UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller | Bryce | White | Carbon Frame A compact folded UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller | Bryce | White | Carbon Frame


Every parent knows the juggle—balancing a sleepy toddler, a latte-to-go, and the morning rush. With the UPPAbaby Ridge, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Its intuitive compact fold and self-standing feature means that you and your little one can navigate the urban jungle with ease — whether you’re squeezing into a cozy corner café or waiting for the next train.

Your daily adventures just became that much simpler.


Easily Washable Fabrics


UPPAbaby Ridge Washable Fabrics | White. UPPAbaby Ridge Washable Fabrics | Slate Blue.


We’ve all been there: the unexpected juice spill or that surprise puddle splash during an adventurous park visit. Life with kids is beautifully unpredictable. The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller has you covered with durable fabrics designed for these real-life moments. Easily washable, they ensure that the memories from the day stay in tact, but the stains don’t.


From Birth and Expansion Options


An UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller with an adapter for the optional bassinet. An UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller with an adapter for the optional bassinet.


From those early morning walks with your newborn nestled in the bassinet to those quick drives using the Mesa, every parent knows the juggle of shifting between gears. The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller eases this dance with adapters for both the Mesa Infant Car Seats and the Bassinet accessory. As your little one grows and their needs change, the Ridge ensures that every transition is smooth and hassle-free, making your days just a bit simpler. Even when they graduate to older sibling, the addition of the PiggyBack ride along board allows you to stroll with two!


All-Terrain Tires


Durable all-terrain tires on the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


Ah, the familiar feeling of struggling to push your stroller on uneven paths; It’s a familiar experience for all of us. But imagine a Saturday morning: the sun’s just right, and there’s a nature trail you’ve always wanted to explore or a beachside walk that you’ve missed. With the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller, those places aren’t just dreams. Its all-terrain tires ensure a smooth journey, whether you’re navigating the pebbled pathways of a park or the bustling streets downtown. Your family’s adventures, unrestricted, just the way you love.


Adjustable Handlebar


Adjustable handlebar on the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


Have you ever wrestled with a stroller handle that’s just too high or too low? The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller understands those small yet significant challenges. Designed with active parents in mind, its adjustable handlebar seamlessly adapts, whether you’re taking a leisurely walk around the block or setting a brisk pace at the park. It’s about making every outing, big or small, as comfortable as possible. So go ahead, share the stroller duties, and let the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller handle the adjustments.


Performance Disc Hand Brake System


The performance braking system on the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


That split-second, heart-stopping moment at a slight incline in the park or in the middle of a bustling farmers’ market can make you wish for more control over your stroller. With the Ridge Stroller’s performance brake system and integrated wrist strap, those moments become a thing of the past. Designed for real-life situations, it’s a gentle reassurance that no matter the pace or place, your child’s safety is always in good hands – or rather, at the tips of your fingers. So jog that hill or weave through the crowd with newfound confidence; the Ridge has got you covered.


Expandable Canopy with UPF 50+ Protection


The expandable canopy with UPF 50+ protection on the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


The unpredictable moods of Mother Nature can shift without notice. One moment, it’s a sunlit picnic at the park, and the next, a surprise sprinkle during your lakeside stroll. We know that keeping your little one protected is your top priority. The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller rises to the challenge with its expandable canopy, ensuring not only shelter from those sudden showers but also defense from harmful sun rays with UPF 50+ protection. For even more protection on those extra rainy or sunny days, be sure to check out our Performance Rain Shield or Sun and Bug Shield, specifically designed for the Ridge. So whether the sky is painted with sunshine or dotted with raindrops, your child remains comfortably shielded, allowing your adventures to continue uninterrupted.


Roomy Storage Basket


The roomy storage basket on the UPPAbaby Ridge stroller.


Remember that sunny day when you decided on an impromptu picnic, but weren’t sure where you’d store all the goodies and baby essentials? Or the time when an extra jacket or favorite toy became a sudden necessity during your stroll? With the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller’s generous storage basket, those days of compromising on what to bring along are over. Designed keeping active parents in mind, its roomy compartment effortlessly accommodates everything from diaper bags, snacks, to that cherished teddy bear, cozy blanket, even our fan favorite stroller cooler, the Bevvy! The Bevvy is custom-designed to seamlessly fit into the basket of the Ridge, Vista, and Cruz strollers. The innovative features, functionality, and convenience make the Bevvy a must-have accessory because every outing should feel complete, without leaving behind any essentials or spontaneous additions.


Built for Performance, Engineered for Comfort

Embarking on new adventures with your little one is a thrilling chapter in the parenting journey. Imagine the feel of the trail beneath your feet, the bustling sound of city markets, or the serenity of a park, all while knowing your child rests comfortably and securely. The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller effortlessly marries high-performance capability with thoughtful touches like an ergonomic design and a cushioned seat with lumbar support. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about cherishing every moment in between. With the Ridge, every journey feels like a shared adventure, punctuated by your child’s laughter and the stroller’s promise of comfort and reliability.


Versatility Meets Adventure with the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller


A mother adventuring with her little one in an UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


The UPPAbaby Ridge stroller isn’t just for jogging; it’s your passport to shared adventures with your little explorer. From the tranquil embrace of sandy beaches to the heartbeat of bustling city streets, the Ridge stroller is your key to blending parenthood with passion. Adventure awaits, and with the Ridge, you’re not just observing – you’re immersing, cherishing, and celebrating every moment with your child. So, where will the day take you?

Beach Days

With the Ridge, beach outings are a breeze. As you collect seashells or dip your toes in the water, the stroller’s all-terrain, never-flat tires ensure your baby is right by your side, enjoying the mesmerizing dance of waves and the feel of soft sand. Plus, the compact fold and self-standing feature make setting up your beach basecamp a snap.

Nature Trails

Each rustling leaf and chirping bird transforms into a valuable teaching moment. The Ridge glides effortlessly along woodland paths, thanks to our advanced responsive suspension system. This innovation enables seamless navigation through diverse environments, allowing you and your child to admire butterflies, observe playful squirrels, or simply revel in the tranquility of the outdoors. And all while the adjustable handlebar ensures your comfort while you explore the trails.

Urban Exploration

Navigating through the city’s wonders, from bustling farmers’ markets to street musicians playing a tune, becomes an enriching experience. The Ridge smoothly cruises through, allowing your baby to be a part of every vibrant scene and new discovery. Its roomy storage basket ensures you can carry your market finds or your baby’s essentials with ease.

Neighborhood Walks

Your local park’s vibrant autumn leaves or the neighbor’s blooming rose garden transforms into delightful backdrops for cherished moments. With the Ridge, even your familiar neighborhood morphs into a canvas of shared experiences and playful interactions. The easily washable fabrics ensure that any unexpected spills or splashes won’t dampen your outing.

Running & Jogging

Feel the thrill of a morning jog during the crisp dawn or a moonlit run, all while your little one enjoys the changing surroundings. With every stride, the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller ensures comfort, making these active moments bonding sessions in motion. The performance disc hand brake system and swivel-locking front wheel provides you with the control you need for a safe jog, while the expandable canopy with UPF 50+ protection shields your baby from the sun’s rays.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

While you center yourself in an early morning yoga session or groove to an outdoor Zumba beat, the Ridge ensures your baby is snug and secure, taking in the energy of the community, the soft grass, and the open skies. The Ridge’s simple foot brake system allows you to safely park your stroller while its built-in compatibility with the Mesa Infant Car Seats allows for a seamless transition between activities.


Why the Ridge Shines as a Secondary Stroller


A family adventuring with their UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller


For our loyal UPPAbaby customers who love their Vista V2, we understand! The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller is our most popular stroller for a reason. But what if we told you the Ridge offers a different kind of charm? Think of it as the adventurous younger sibling, ever-eager and ever-ready. It effortlessly complements your existing fleet, ensuring you have the right stroller for every scenario. With the Ridge, we ensure that performance is engineered for comfort. And with features that let you explore with ease, it’s hard to resist.


Embrace The Journey


A mother and father adventuring with their little one in an UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller.


At UPPAbaby, we are committed to crafting strollers that fit seamlessly into your life and amplify your adventures, both big and small. The Ridge Stroller embodies this promise. So why wait? Dive deeper into the world of the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller and rediscover adventure.

If you have questions about our Ridge stroller, or just want to chat about the best stroller routes in town, we’re here for you. Let’s make every journey count.