August 24, 2023

Beyond the Stroller: Discover the Variety of UPPAbaby’s Service Offerings
by UPPAbaby
  • An UPPAbaby technician at a Hub Service Center servicing an UPPAbaby stroller

Parenthood is filled with excitement, lessons learned, and unending love. From the first kicks, to their first steps, your journey as a new parent is as special and fulfilling as these moments. 

It is so important to us that our UPPAbaby community feels like they are truly part of the family — because you are!

The pledge of our service offerings go beyond mere transactions – they embody our unwavering commitment to providing genuine and thoughtful service, always keeping you at the heart of our focus. 

Whether you’re an expectant parent exploring stroller options or seeking post-purchase guidance, our UPPAbaby service offerings have something tailored just for you.


The UPPAbaby Promise: Not Just Products, But Wholehearted Support

When you purchase an UPPAbaby product, you’re entering a community where we stand beside you through extensive service offerings, eager to assist at every phase of your parenting journey. Our goal is to provide the best service and support for you and your family, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time together!


An UPPAbaby Customer Experience Representative on the phone talking with a customer about their UPPAbaby products.


Our Customer Experience Team

Always There for You: Whether you have a question about setting up your gear or properly fitting your child in their car seat, our expert Customer Experience Team is here to help! This team provides a human touch, bridging the gap between your needs and our offerings. 

Our commitment goes beyond just simply answering questions, but truly trying to understand and help each individual customer so they are walking away feeling confident and supported. 

You can easily talk to one of our experienced team members any time of day, and they will always put your family first.


Virtual Offerings

Bringing UPPAbaby to Your Screen: we understand the digital world and the convenience it offers, so it is our goal is to  ensure parents can access support from the comfort of their homes or during their travels on-the-go. 

From online tutorials to virtual product demonstrations, we’ve harnessed technology to extend our a helping hand, digitally. You can easily schedule a virtual appointment for support on everything from  car seat fittings, to troubleshooting an issue with your stroller – all through our online platform.


Connect the Way You Want

Every time you speak with UPPAbaby you are receiving a human on the other end! Whether you choose to connect with our team via phone, email, video chat or in-person interactions, we offers multiple ways to connect. 

Highlighting our dedication to parents, we return to our origins, underlining how our co-founder Bob has championed customer service as a priority since day one. This stands as a significant unique trait in our field. Around the clock, you’re guaranteed a genuine person to connect with, and our team spares no effort in setting things right – a value that defines our approach.


Taking UPPAbaby Where YOU Are!

While the digital world offers convenience, it’s hard to beat personalized, face-to-face interactions. We understand this, and aim to provide various experiences that bring our services to you! 


UPPAbaby Hub Service Center & Showrooms: Personalized Support Meets Expertise


A member of the UPPAbaby Tech Team servicing an UPPAbaby Cruz stroller.


At the heart of a few bustling cities, UPPAbaby has planted its roots, creating support and guidance with ervice offerings at every turn through our Hub Service Center & Showrooms..

At our Hubs, parents can discover a world of personalized assistance. Have questions about your stroller’s functionality? Need guidance on product compatibility? Or perhaps you just want to explore UPPAbaby’s latest offerings? 

Our Tech Team is there to provide answers, demonstrations, and hands-on exploration opportunities. Staffed with experts, these centers epitomize UPPAbaby’s commitment to enriching your parenting journey through the communities they are rooted in.

And the best part? They’re sprinkled across prime locations. Whether you’re taking a stroll in Boston, MA, enjoying family time in Brooklyn, NY, catching the ocean breeze in Santa Monica, CA, exploring the vibrant streets of Toronto, Canada, or flying across the pond to the UK, an UPPAbaby Hub isn’t far away—ready to provide you with the best UPPAbaby service offerings. 

Explore them and experience UPPAbaby’s dedication firsthand. For a full list of services and more details, visit UPPAbaby’s official service center and showroom page.


Tune-Up Gear-Up Events: More Than Just Maintenance


Every seasoned traveler knows the importance of a well-tuned vehicle. In the same sense, UPPAbaby’s Tune-Up Gear-Up events are about ensuring your gear is always performing at its best! These events aren’t just for maintenance; they’re experiences. Think of them as pit stops where UPPAbaby experts revamp your gear, share invaluable insights, and introduce you to the latest innovations.

With an international presence, these events transcend borders. From coast to coast and beyond the seas, the Tune-Up Gear-Up events bring UPPAbaby’s expertise to global communities. And if you’re curious about when the next event will touch down near you, simply head over to the official Tune-Up Gear-Up page. Stay updated, stay connected, and ensure your UPPAbaby gear is always in its prime.


Car Seat Checks: Safety First, Always


A member of the UPPAbaby Tech Team servicing an UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat at a local Tune-Up Gear-Up event.


Trust UPPAbaby to always prioritize what’s most important: your child’s safety. Our Car Seat Checks are a testament to this commitment. Whether you’ve chosen the Mesa Max, Knox, or any of our other models, these checks ensure that your car seat is installed correctly and that your little one is fit properly, offering maximum protection for your little one.

But it’s not just about installation; it’s also about education. UPPAbaby experts at these checks will arm you with the knowledge you need. From understanding the nuances of each model to getting hands-on demonstrations, every parent leaves with peace of mind, knowing their child is safely nestled in.

Remember, as we navigate the joys of parenthood, UPPAbaby stands as a reliable guide, ensuring every turn is safer, every journey smoother, and every experience enriched. Embrace all we have to offer and make your parenting voyage truly memorable.


UPPAbaby—A Welcoming Brand for Parents


A grandmother and her little one laughing together.


For the potential customer eyeing their first UPPAbaby stroller or the seasoned user familiar with our brand, the message is clear: We’re more than just a product brand; we proudly embody the spirit of exceptional service, extending our hand with a range of UPPAbaby service offerings designed to cater to all.

Our expansive service offerings, from virtual assistance to in-person events, are our way of showing how deeply committed we are to our community. So, the next time you think of UPPAbaby, remember it’s not just about the stroller or car seat; it’s about a promise of unwavering support every step of the way. Explore, connect, and be part of the UPPAbaby family, where service excellence is always a given!