April 19, 2024

Mastering UPPAbaby® Stroller Maintenance in 4 Simple Steps
by UPPAbaby
  • A Vista seat fabric is effortlessly spray cleaned by one of UPPAbaby's Hub Service Center employees

Do you recall the excitement of unboxing your brand-new UPPAbaby stroller? As parents and caregivers ourselves, we know that maintaining the day-one look and functionality of your product is of the utmost priority.

Happy baby enjoying a ride in the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller in Emmett green, showcasing the comfortable seat and robust design

We understand the importance of and value a reliable and clean stroller for the comfort and safety of our little ones. Our simple stroller cleaning guide will walk you through six easy-to-follow tips that will ensure your UPPAbaby stroller remains functional, free from germs, and ready for all of your messy family adventures.

Our Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide For Your UPPAbaby Stroller


Step 1: Begin with the frame.


An unfolded Aluminum Vista V2 frame

A stroller’s frame is its foundation, and as with any foundation, care is paramount. Using a damp cloth and a mild detergent, wipe down the frame to clear away any dirt and residue, then dry thoroughly. If beach outings are part of your adventures, a quick rinse with fresh (tap) water will ensure any remaining salt water is washed off. Be sure to not use abrasives as they may scratch your stroller frame!


Step 2: Wash the fabric.

UPPAbaby seat fabric being treated with a gentle hand wash and mild detergent

For little marks, a spot-clean is all you need, but when the entire fabric carries memories of the day, treat it to a gentle hand wash with mild detergent. Once it’s cleansed, lay it flat in a shaded spot to dry, so that the fabric retains its original vibrant hue.


Step 3: Make sure your stroller is dry.

Water can be harmful when it comes to storing your stroller. To ensure your stroller’s long-lasting durability, always make sure that all parts are perfectly dry before storing, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight while it’s not in use. Storing your product in a cool, dry space is crucial for preventing mold and preserving the stroller’s structural integrity.


Step 4: Make routine checks for a smooth, safe ride.

It is important to Inspect your stroller periodically, watching for wear or damage. Tighten any loose parts and check the harnesses and safety locks for optimal functionality. If something seems amiss, address it promptly. If something doesn’t look right and you are unsure of what to do, speaking with one of our Customer Experience representatives or bringing your stroller into one of UPPAbaby’s Hub Service Centers is the best option.

A Hub Service Center employee lubricating the wheel attachments of a Minu V2 stroller so that the stroller can be used safely and efficiently

In the rare event that you do need a replacement part, remember: not all parts are created equal. Choose genuine UPPAbaby parts from our website or Hub Service Center to ensure compatibility and the continued safety and performance of your stroller.

For a detailed walkthrough on maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of all of your UPPAbaby products, our Cleaning & Care page serves as an excellent resource, mirroring the convenience and support you’ll find in our provided stroller care instructions.

We’ve all had those chaotic days when every moment with our baby is precious and tasks even as small as cleaning seem daunting. Our entire UPPAbaby family believes in easy stroller maintenance and effortless upkeep. Our goal is to give you more time for what truly matters—those invaluable moments with your child. These simple cleaning tips will hopefully make it a breeze to keep your stroller in adventure-ready shape. If any further assistance is needed, our devoted Customer Experience Team is always ready to help Check out our Support page to learn more about how you can connect with them.

A lively entryway complete with a folded Ridge jogging stroller, changing backpack, and Bevvy cooler, all ready for some on-the-go adventures

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