March 1, 2024

UPPAbaby’s Infant Car Seat Guide: Comparing Mesa V2, Mesa Max, and Aria
by UPPAbaby
  • A little one is safely secured in his UPPAbaby Mesa V2 infant car seat with help from his caregiver.

Deciding on a car seat can be an important milestone in your parenting journey — not only is it about choosing a safe option, but it’s also about selecting one that is as comfortable as possible for your new bundle of joy. At UPPAbaby, we understand these sentiments. We’ve been there! To make the journey smoother, here’s a car seat comparison chart for our lineup of infant car seats: the UPPAbaby Mesa V2, UPPAbaby Mesa Max, and UPPAbaby Aria.

UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat | Stella | PureTech™ | Charcoal Mélange | Merino Wool] UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat | Gregory| DualTech™ | Navy Mélange] UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat | Greyson | DualTech™ | fashion] When it comes to our little ones, there’s nothing we prioritize more than their comfort and safety, especially during those memorable first car rides. Discover each of their distinctive and shared safety features below:


UPPAbaby Mesa V2

A child secured comfortably in an UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat.

For Parents Who: are searching for a reliable infant car seat that offers intuitive installation features, added comfort for baby, and a great value.

Top Highlights: 35 lb weight limit, can fit existing Mesa base, single handle release from stroller

While the Mesa V2 shares the commitment to safety seen in the Mesa Max and Aria, it carves its own niche in our lineup. Every ride is a promise of security with SafeTech™ and PureTech™, our fire-retardant-free fabrics that ensures a protective cocoon for baby each ride. This means every journey finds your little one enveloped in balanced comfort. As the world around us unfolds, the GREENGUARD® Gold Certification provides validation of low chemical emissions, echoing a commitment as pure as a baby’s laughter. Additionally, t he large UPF 25+ canopy does more than just serve as a shield; it ensures your infant enjoys those scenic drives without the hassle of glaring rays, coming in 20% larger than the original Mesa canopy.


UPPAbaby Mesa Max

A child secured comfortably in an UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat.

For Parents Who: are seeking the latest in enhanced safety and comfort technology, while also prioritizing intuitive features and effortless installation.

Top Highlights: Load Leg, Anti-Rebound+ Panel, Infinite Adjustable Headrest

When comparing our infant car seats, the Mesa Max emerges with some distinctive traits tailored to those seeking advanced safety. At UPPAbaby, we understand the value of each family drive. With its adjustable load leg, the Mesa Max stands as a testament to this, offering enhanced stability and minimizing forward rotations during sudden halts. The Anti-Rebound+ Panel further builds upon this safety, ensuring that even rear-end surprises are met with minimized seat rotation. The Mesa Max features our DualTech™, dual knit, fire-retardant free fabrics and foams as well as our PureTech™, merino wool fabric with naturally fire retardant fabrics and foams. Additionally, the extra-large, extended UPF 25+ canopy not only shields against those sunny drives, but with 43% more coverage than its counterpart, the original Mesa, it ensures that your baby remains cool and comfortable.


UPPAbaby Aria

A child secured comfortably in an UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat

For Parents Who: are prioritizing a lightweight design for their infant car seat with the latest in enhanced safety, comfort, and convenience features.

Top Highlights: Lightweight at under 6 lbs, Load Leg, no re-thread harness, back ventilation

With its featherweight design at only 6 lbs., the Aria was designed to define new standards of safety and convenience in the realm of easy-to-carry baby gear. Its strong yet light build with SmartSecure® technology, Anti-Rebound+ Panel, and extra-large canopy provides a safe and comfortable ride for baby. Like the Mesa Max, the Aria also includes an adjustable load leg in the base as well as an Anti-Rebound+ Panel, offering enhanced stability and minimizing forward rotations during sudden stops.

From the fabrics, down to the foams, feel at ease knowing our CleanTech™ Collection fabrics are protecting your little ones during every ride. The Aria features our DualTech™ fashions, meaning both the foam and dual knit fabric are fire retardant free to keep baby safe inside and out. These fabrics are specially woven and designed to eliminate the need for any additional treatment.  The Aria is also GREENGUARD® Gold Certified to support healthier air quality and lower chemical emissions.

The Aria may be light, but it carries its weight in comfort and convenience! The Aria includes an extra-large UPF 25+ hideaway canopy with unique back panel ventilation and pop out extended sunshade, plus enhanced ventilation in the carrier shell and canopy for additional airflow to keep baby cool.


Common Comforts: Shared Features for Mesa V2, Mesa Max, and Aria

While all three car seats offer something different and unique, they do share many similar features that help make the lives of parents easier!

For example, our Travel System combines convenience and safety, allowing you to attach the Mesa V2, Mesa Max, or Aria directly to both our Vista and Cruz strollers, or the Ridge and Minu stroller with the addition of convenient adapters.

The European Routing system elevates the security during those carrier-only installations, making it easy for urban parents on-the-go. Meanwhile, the ability to store the harness straps out of the way during those loading and unloading moments is a nod to those little nuances of parenthood. Add to that the luxury of easily removable and washable seat fabrics on all three seats!

Plus, each car seat purchase includes complimentary virtual consultations with UPPAbaby’s CPST Team so you can feel reassured from day one. A few additional features you can find on all three:



·   European Belt Routing for carrier-only installation

·   No-Rethread 5-Point Harness

·   GREENGUARD® Gold certified

·   FAA aircraft certified

·   Machine washable fabrics

·   Travel System compatible with direct attachment for Vista® and Cruz® strollers and compatible with Minu® and                Ridge® with the addition of adapters


·   SmartSecure® System with red-to-green visual indicator for easy install

·   Auto-retracting LATCH

·   Four-position adjustable foot level

·   Built-in vehicle seat belt lock-off


Making the Right Choice

A little one safely secured in his UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat, with mom carefully looking on.

Whether you lean toward the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 with its recognized achievements and value, the UPPAbaby Mesa Max with its innovative tech advancements, or the UPPAbaby Aria with its lightweight yet sturdy build, know that you are making the right choice for you and your family. Remember, every car ride is an opportunity to create a cherished memory, and having a seat that meets your needs means extra peace of mind with each adventure. Choose with confidence and savor the moments on the road ahead.


Next Steps: UPPAbaby Alta V2 & Knox


an UPPAbaby Alta Booster | Iris | SafeTech™| Grey Mélange | Lavender Accent an UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat | Noa | SafeTech™| Navy Melange

Navigating the journey of parenthood is filled with milestones. The first babbles that evolve into complete sentences, or the realization that they’re growing faster than you ever imagined. The UPPAbaby Knox convertible car seat resonates with those times when they’re somewhere between the little one you remember and the toddler they’re quickly becoming. At the same time, the UPPAbaby Alta V2 booster is there to support the proud moments of your child transitioning to feeling like a ‘big kid.’


UPPAbaby has you covered from the first drive home all the way to school drop-offs! Learn more about our family of car seats that is there to grow with yours, here!
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