October 13, 2023

UPPAbaby’s Essential Top 10 All-Season Accessories
by UPPAbaby
  • A father with his little one safely secured from rainy weather in their UPPAbaby Vista V2 with the Performance Rain Shield accessory

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but UPPAbaby believes that shouldn’t limit your family adventures. Every outing with your little one should be seamless with the right gear, no matter the weather. As the sun shines, the rain pours, or the snow falls, every parent can cherish the moments of each season – with the right gear.

But with these new experiences come the challenges of ensuring your baby’s all-weather comfort and protection. The magic of UPPAbaby lies not just in our strollers and car seats but also in our extensive range of seasonal accessories , masterfully designed to tackle the ever-changing climates.


Seasonal Comfort at Its Best

No matter the season, UPPAbaby has got your baby covered—literally. Our thoughtfully crafted accessories are the answer to a parent’s every weather-related concern.


Winter Warmth: Embrace the Cold

UPPAbaby Vista V2 equipped with the UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh | Noa


Stepping outside with a baby in tow during the chilly months can often be a daunting task for many parents. Our UPPAbaby accessories ensure your baby’s warmth without compromising on those joyous winter experiences. Here are a few items to keep your little one snuggly even when the temperature dips.


UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh

UPPAbaby Vista V2 equipped with the UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh | Noa UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh | Noa

Our fan-favorite (and baby-favorite!) CozyGanoosh takes warm strolling to a whole new level. Rated for temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C), the CozyGanoosh ensures that your baby is enveloped in warmth even on the coldest days. As you walk through the snow-filled streets, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your little one is toasty warm, just as if they were wrapped in a loving embrace.


UPPAbaby CozyHandmuffs

UPPAbaby CozyHandmuffs | Noa

Our UPPAbaby CozyHandmuffs offer the ultimate in winter convenience for parents on the go! Imagine the reassurance of never forgetting your gloves again – they velcro directly onto your stroller, always there when you need them for those brisk winter strolls. Slip your hands in and out with ease – perfect for a quick text or checking on your little one. Plus, they’re designed to stylishly coordinate with your CozyGanoosh and stroller fashions, ensuring every outing is not just warm, but also effortlessly chic!


Rainy Day Ready: Navigating Each Raindrop With Ease

An UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller equipped with the Performance Rain Shield


The wet season brings with it a scent of fresh rainfall, the mesmerizing sound of rain tapping on rooftops, and memories of jumping into puddles. But, as enchanting as these moments are, they come with their own set of challenges for parents. UPPAbaby accessories offer the perfect solution, ensuring your little one stays dry even if a surprise shower comes your way!


UPPAbaby Rain Shields for Infant Car Seats and Strollers

An UPPAbaby Rain Shield for the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat An UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller equipped with the Performance Rain Shield

Every parent knows the feeling—holding an umbrella in one hand and the stroller or baby seat in the other, trying to shield your baby from sudden rain showers. Our infant car seat Rain Shield and stroller Rain Shield, designed for a range of UPPAbaby products, offer a clear view for your child while serving as a protective barrier against the rain. They ensure outdoor adventures remain uninterrupted by unexpected drizzles, allowing your baby to be an all-weather explorer.


UPPAbaby Rain Shield for Bassinet

An UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller equipped with a Bassinet and a Rain Shield An UPPAbaby Rain Shield for Bassinet

The gentle patter of rain can be an incredibly soothing sound for a baby, especially when they’re resting. The Rain Shield for the bassinet lets your baby enjoy the sounds and sights of the rain while staying comfortably dry.


Sunny Days Out: Shielded From Harm

Designed for weather protection from the sun’s potentially harsh rays. UPPAbaby’s collection is here to ensure your baby enjoys sun-filled outings while being shielded effectively.


UPPAbaby Easy-Fit Sunshade

An UPPAbaby Easy-Fit Sunshade. An UPPAbaby Easy-Fit Sunshade | Back View


The sound of a child laughing while enjoying a beautiful sunny day is one of life’s pure joys. But those UV rays? Not so much. The Easy-Fit Sunshade, with its stretchy mesh material, offers stellar protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays by easily attaching to your rear car windows. Your little one can gaze outside, taking in the vibrancy of sunny drives without the worry of harmful glare or UV exposure.


UPPAbaby Cabana for Mesa/Mesa V2 and Mesa Max

an UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat | Greyson | PureTech™ | Charcoal Melange | Merino Wool an UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat | Greyson | PureTech™ | Charcoal Melange | Merino Wool | With Cabana Accessory


Imagine a day at the beach or a lazy afternoon in the park with your baby nestled comfortably, safe from the sun’s intensity. The Cabana for the Mesa/Mesa V2 and Mesa Max boasts a protective UPF rating that blocks 80% of the sun’s harmful rays. Beyond shielding from the sun, it also provides a barrier against pesky insects. Your child can relax in a shaded, insect-free sanctuary, making every outdoor trip a stress-free adventure.


Enhanced Usability Accessories


UPPAbaby Wheel Reflectors for Vista and Vista V2]UPPAbaby Basket Cover for various stroller models UPPAbaby Bevvy Stroller Cooler Accessory

UPPAbaby Wheel Reflectors

Boost your visibility during those early morning or late evening strolls with the UPPAbaby Wheel Reflectors, thoughtfully crafted for all four wheels of your Vista/Vista V2 stroller.

Revel in the simplicity of a tool-free experience with our easy snap-on assembly, allowing you to step out with confidence and safety in every wheel rotation. Navigate each journey with an added layer of assurance, knowing your stroller stands out, even in low-light adventures.


UPPAbaby Basket Covers

UPPAbaby Basket Covers, tailored for the Vista, Cruz, Vista V2/Cruz V2, and the Minu/Minu V2 models, ensure your essentials remain safe amidst all kinds of weather surprises.

Our meticulously designed covers are not only water-resistant but also feature dual flip openings, providing you with handy access to your necessities while ensuring they stay shielded from the elements from both the front and back of the stroller. Stroll with confidence, knowing your essentials are safeguarded with our premium Basket Covers.


UPPAbaby Bevvy Stroller Cooler

Earning its spot as a top pick in the ABC KIDS EXPO 2023 Editors’ Choice Awards: Best Gear of the Year, our Bevvy stroller cooler effortlessly elevates outings for parents and little ones alike, emphasizing ease and convenience in every detail.

This refined cooler seamlessly sits in the rear of the stroller basket on the Vista V2, Cruz V2, and Ridge, placing refreshments within arm’s reach, ensuring that both parent and child can enjoy a cool, refreshing break whenever the moment calls for it.


Year-Round Safety and Comfort With UPPAbaby by Your Side

A woman pushing her child in an UPPAbaby V2, equipped with her UPPAbaby CozyHandmuffs and her UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh


Navigating through your year-round adventures becomes a breeze with UPPAbaby’s meticulously designed, all-season accessories. Merging style, comfort, and convenience, our products provide a shield against the whims of weather, from potent sun rays to surprise showers. Our unwavering commitment to holistic solutions ensures parents and little explorers can embark on every outing with assurance and joy, making every journey seamlessly safe and endlessly enjoyable with UPPAbaby by your side. Navigate through our all-weather accessory collection and discover your ideal travel ally today!